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Book Cover Cliches: Shadow Blades and Knights

urban fantasy book cover premade, pnr, premade book cover
PNR Covers or a stack of what the heck?

Book covers, they either make a new writer want to flip the table upside-down or hurl your body out a two-story window to plummet into a river of cold gelatin. What? Did you think I'd say something gruesome? No, no. I try to avoid that kind of thing...mostly. Here's yet another try at a book cover complete with urban fantasy book cover cliches. This time around I'm attempting to create an Urban Fantasy cover fit for those tough heroines that need no man and love to swat demons with a flyswatter of doom.

Shadow Blades Beginner Book Cover

ebook covers premade, woman with glowing axe, urban fantasy book covers
This woman kicks ass and looks tough too

Dark background? Check. Glowy weapon in hand? Check. Obligatory moon in the background that's partially obscured by clouds? Triple check. What's wrong with it though? I love the font for the title and the dark background is decent. But I fall short in several places such as the model appearing in an awkward position and it's really too dark.

ebook covers premade, woman with glowing axe, urban fantasy book covers
Look at me in soft book cover form. Ohhh the cozy cafe is nice too.

I'm sure if I wasn't too fussy I could pass it off as something decent. Nothing too professional to be sure but it's not that bad. Maybe some snarky website can pick it up and laugh at it then I can get bonus publicity? Okay, that's a little silly but I would be delusional to not see it's not up to snuff.


Redesigning the Urban Fantasy Book Cover

Wendy May, Urban Fantasy, Premade Book Cover
Those that know me see me as the Shadow Knight

And here's why it wouldn't work. Book Covers are constantly evolving into something new and unique each week. Before, a heroine with a glowy weapon in hand might have triggered the appearance of a UF to a fan. However, these days there is a lot more that goes into the book covers.

Moon, Lightning, urban fantasy books for adults, free urban book covers
My eyes, oh my gosh, they burn with these colors

Fonts in UF novels have changed to a more curly appearance. The background is now more upfront. I see a ton of UF novels sporting these eye shockingly bright pink, purple, and blue color schemes. Heroines are placed off-right and the weapons aren't as pronounced anymore.

Wendy May, Shadow Knight, Supernatural, PNR
I smirk in the face of danger. *SMIRK INTENSIFIES*

While some Urban Fantasy genre covers have a simple background with a slight glow on the weapon. The title is far more larger in appearance. The font on this one is really nice for Thriller book covers as well.

Final Book Cover for Shadow Knight

premade urban fantasy book cover, Wendy May, Shadow, Knight
See the original stock photo here:

After a couple of days of playing around with this stock photo I decided to settle for the above picture as the final book cover. There is still a ton of blank space to the left of her head(I should have put the tiny text there instead) but it works well at a small size and stands out as a decent design.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

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