X-Men Photoshops

Classic Angel Photoshop

photoshop of a blue skinned angel flying the blue sky, Wendy May
When Photo-shopping pictures was a cool trend on the net I tried my hand at making my own photo-manipulation artwork. Back then, I was heavily into all things related to Marvel's X-Men. Especially the early 90s cartoon with that guitar riff for an introduction.

Angel was one of the characters I liked but soley for the reason that he went out with Psylocke(telepathic ninja girl with a personality problem). At the time, an online friend had a birthday so I made him the above photomanip because Angel was actually his ultra favorite.

Long story short - I made this happily for a friend that later on turned out to be a fr-enemy.

Classic Jean Grey Photoshop

Redhead Jean Grey smiles in front of a rainbow colored background

And here we have Jean Grey(telepathic telekinetic with boyfriend issues) in her classic uniform from that same era. You can see that I had trouble with the arm pieces but back then it was more about getting ideas out then actually being perfect at the art. It's still one of my favorite photoshops.

Poor Jean, I have no idea why Marvel hates her so much. She's constantly tortured to be with a douche boyfriend and gives her tragic story lines that always ends up with her dying terribly.

I think I'll always just remember her as a kind heroine that wanted to do what was right no matter what challenges came her way.

Thanks for viewing!