Debut of the Lightning Fish

A giant fish in sparkling ocean with the words Sending Kisses against the moon
Oh lightning fish in the deep blue sea, how glittery are thee!
I'm not sure what type of caffeine concoction I was drinking the day I put this photomanip together but it was certainly potent. It started off from following a tutorial to outright disregarding the tutorial (because the creator never seems to actually teach how to create an effect).

So I went wild and threw every sparkle and brush overlay effect I could onto the photo. The "sending kisses" text in the upper left-hand corner seems both out of place yet oddly satisfying.

Photo-manipulation of a normal fish

Gold Fish, Ocean, Moon and Sky set against the night

Since I create my own book covers I like to practice some form of art every day to keep up. I'm mostly self-taught (and I'm sure it shows a ton) but there's just something about making art that brings a smile to my often weary days.

In this case, it's a fishie that got to experience my quirky taste. There's no rhyme or reason to making it and here's the thing: it doesn't need a reason.

Have fun!