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ThredUp DIY Denim Unboxing

Thred-Up Denim Box Review

After seeing a ton of unboxings for the Thred-UP DIY Denim Box I decided to try it out on my own. I absolutely love opening up mystery boxes so this was already on my To-Do list. I ordered mine in late January and it arrived a few days ago. Read on to see what I got!

Crotchless Wonders

GAP denim jeans
Low and behold: the crotchless wonders! Now, this is a Rescue Box meaning it's meant to have items that have stains, rips, tears, or missing pieces like buttons. I'm not at all sad that these Gap jeans had a huge hole in the lower region. I'm just a bit grossed out that whatever stain was on it had to be cut out by a poor Thred-Up employee. Huge salute to those that have to do this with scissors! Had they been in good condition the comps would have been about $12-15

Aeropostale blue denim jeans

Second pair of jeans that had a crotch hole is this Aeropostale mall brand. Not a huge loss though the color was pretty cute. If the seamstress in me would stop being lazy I'd try to upcycle them into a denim skirt with lace hem. Comps would have been about $10-14 considering their plain cut.

The Decent Pickings

J Brand Blue Denim Jeans
J Brand jeans and quite a few came in the box in near excellent condition. I looked them over in natural light but there were no rips, stains, or tears. Placing them underneath studio lights will tell if there are any actual flaws but I'm 99% confidant these were donated due to a regretted purchase.
Comps range from $20-45 depending on their style and cut.

ag jeans absolute legging extreme skinny
Adriano Goldschmied is an Italian fashion designer who focuses on denim jeans. Also known as "the Godfather of denim" and is the originator of “Premium denim”. These jeans are in great condition save for a loose thread on the button. Comps range from $30-50 on Poshmark. 

J Brand Reid Denim Pants
J Crew "Reid" black jeans. Now these are a bit faded from pure black but I'm thinking that's on purpose as I've seen NWT jeans just like it with similar coloring. Comps range from $18-25

Tommy Hilifiger Boyfriend Cut Jeans
These are Tommy Hilfiger jeans in a boyfriend cut. Seem to be a vintage style so I'll most likely crosslist these on the DePop app. Comps seems to around $15-30 so I'll list them for $25 to see if there are any bites for offers.

KUT from the Kloth denim jeans, clothing
Last but not least are these KUT from the Kloth jeans. These were the only ones out of the box that seemed to have dust near the top of the knees. I'll wash them carefully and see what I have to work with but I'm not worried in the least. Comps for these are all over the place depending on the style(as usual right?) But around $15-25

Thred-Up DIY Denim Box Conclusion

Pile of folded Denim Jeans, clothing on a bed
Photo Credit: by Leighann Renee on Unsplash

So is it worth buying? I have to say that considering I've paid up to $65 for Mystery Boxes that contain 6-10 pieces it's a great deal. Ten pounds for $20 (plus shipping) is hard to pass up. It's a huge gamble on what you get in each box. Hell, it could come with all crotchless wonders since it's labeled as a "DIY rescue" box.

Though that's the beauty in Mystery Boxes isn't it? The intrigue and curiosity of the unknown. The absolute excitement discovering treasures amid rabble. If you can afford to lose $20 then by all means go for it. Consider it an investment financially as name brands can be expensive and also environmentally because you're saving these from hitting the overflowing land dumps.

But if you're hard up on luck and monetary means then don't take the chance as a box can be a true mess of nothing. And there are way cheaper ways to source goodies like exploring the Goodwill Outlet bins.

If you decide to take a chance I'd love it if you'd consider using my referral link. You'll get $10 if you're a brand new customer to ThredUP and I'll get $10. Everyone wins!


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