Fairytale Fantasy Adventure - Savage Hearts

Fantasy Romance, Shifter Romance, Male conjures lightning and possesively holds a she-wolf in his arms in the center of a lightning storm
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Would you Give Up your Dream for Love?

Acalia Itzchel faces her first test of love when she realizes a life of normalcy isn't what she desires. Accepted by her clansmen, she finds blissful comfort in her new role as the realm's Huntress. Pursuing extreme danger and battling fierce enemies gives her an exciting thrill that can't be matched. However her newfound happiness comes to a screeching halt when the unthinkable comes to light. She's confronted with an impossible choice: Start a happy family with her Alpha or continue her adventurous life, alone.

Enter the Problematic Alpha

Filtiarn Darkstorm dreams of a life beyond the rigors of his sworn duty as the Fenrir Lord. But his Luna is defiant and stubborn to the core. She refuses to cast aside her penchant for mischief. He's had enough of Acalia's reckless tendencies and intends to tame the she-wolf's wild streak, come hell or high water.

High Water Comes with a Gaudy Sea Witch

The unexpected occurs when a terrible darkness sweeps across the land. Together, Alpha and Luna must journey to the perilous sea to face a vengeful sea witch. Can Acalia put aside her destructive habits for a chance at happiness or will everything she holds dear fall to the crashing waves of darkness?

Savage Hearts is an action-packed romantic series. Beware, this book contains pearl-clutching antics such as: lovey-dovey moments, mild swear words, fantasy violence, and super-powered werewolves.