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Wendy May's Current Novels Progress

Current state of Novel Outlines & Rough Drafts
Well met,

I thought it would be interesting to make a data graph showing the progress of my novels whether in outline or rough draft form. I tried finding a percentage bar generator but those require the use of an actual website platform and not a blog site.

One day I'll get a Word-press site of my own. One day.

Until then, here's a breakdown of what I'm up to and how I'm plotting along. See what I did there? Yep, I caught that roll of your eyes. I know, I know, that was terrible and bad. I'm rightly ashamed. (*Winks an eye*) This is why I'm an indie author and not a comedian. Ha!

Multi-genre Novels in Progress
Here's a colorful graph showing the titles and percentage in bar form. Flash of Steel and Heart of Steel are currently in their final rough draft forms. The rest are being outlined from top to bottom or are in their first state of rough draft.

This graph shows the numbers in an easier form. The num…

Realm Clashes: Romantic Gamelit

Read Realm Clashes today
Romantic gamelit arises in my newest novelette. A new challenger appears in Linette's virtual reality game that constantly razes her castle and decimates her expensive virtual pets. To make matters worse, she has an overbearing boss and a bratty brother that loves to torment her. Read on to discover what fate has in store...

Taking on a new subgenre: Romantic Gamelit

Before we begin, I have to state an obligatory message. This post features affiliate links to Amazon. What this means is that if you are super generous and purchase my book using one of the provided links then I'll receive a tiny amount of compensation for it. Thank you so much for the consideration!

Now I'm not certain what got in my head when I decided to write this story other than---I think it would be fun. Why wouldn't there be romance within the gamelit genre? There's harems and whatnot but I tend to shy away from erotica-like elements. Those are best left to experts because I'm rather old-fashioned and love to write sweet romances.

Anyways, this romantic gamelit story is for those that don't mind a little love in their gaming stories. The next one I'm writing will be a full novel that evolves into a serial. It'll have very little IRL scenes compared to this one and focuses on two characters that meet, level up, and eventually join a guild that turns into a dungeon guild. Until then, I hope you give Realm Clashes a try!

In-game graphics of Realm Clashes

Realm Clashes: Romantic Gamelit Book Blurb

Linette's life was fine until tragedy struck and her parents were lost to her and her younger brother. She manages to make a living for them both by relying on her coding skills as a developer for a Virtual Reality siege warfare game.

Trouble comes both online and in the real world that sends her on a spiraling path to destruction. There's also a huge problem with a pet killing, castle razing fiend that continually targets her alternate account and a super hot boss that raises the stakes for a steep price.

Nothing's more important to Linette than family but can she turn her back on finding love?
Bring it on, she's always up for a challenge.

Life can be a grind, why not lose yourself in REALM CLASHES a romantic gamelit novelette which features the following:

  • Fast-paced, emotionally sweet romantic elements
  • Light gamelit elements
  • Zero crunchy stats
  • 50/50 Real world and VR game scenes
Read Realm Clashes today


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