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Dark Fantasy Author - Wendy May

Blog Website of Wendy May, Dark Fantasy Author 
Hello and welcome,

I'm Wendy May, a Dark Fantasy author that writes various stories in Sword and Sorcery, Science Fantasy as well as Supernatural genres. When I was a child there were two constants in my life; drawing and writing. My imagination freely took me to fantasy lands of adventure. I often spent hours thinking up mystical worlds that were inhabited by amazing and whimsical characters. During times when I felt the most alone my stories were what kept me going. And so, I'd love to share them with you in the hopes that you'll happily lose yourself in the fantastical worlds I've created. Take a moment to step away from the rigors of life and join me in a fun adventure!

Feel free to explore about:Excerpts: This is where I put samples of short stories, flash fiction, and snippets from my novels.Book Covers: As an author I have to rely on purchasing a professionally made ebook cover. However, I do so love tinkering aro…