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Hello all, I'm still here. Mostly! It’s been a year since my last update, and I’ve been on a wild ride of self-reflection and personal growth. Want the inside scoop? I’ll be dishing out insights, updates, and let you know what’s coming up for the Bound by Pride series. Don’t miss out! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Let’s hang out and discover new things together!

Author Wendy May: My Worlds and Realms

A Guide to Author Wendy May's Book Worlds

AI image of a shark and cat plush animal on an author's writing desk
A representation of my author's desk

This is a guide to the worlds of Wendy May's stories. It is a compendium of character biographies, detailed maps, magic systems, lore, and more. What you will find out here is as follows: Character biographies (what all the main characters are like), detailed maps of the lands and cities, a run-down on each of the major gods and goddesses, a list of every supernatural race (and their abilities), as well as information about all of the different magic systems. All of this is here for your benefit.

Disclaimer: This post features affiliate links to Amazon at no cost to you. What this means is that if you are super generous and purchase an eBook or a product using one of the provided links then I'll receive a really tiny amount of compensation for it. Thank you so much for the consideration!

Welcome, traveler, to the worlds of Wendy May. Here, you will find a multitude of different lands, each with their own unique customs and cultures. From the bustling metropolis where supernaturals blend in with normal humans, to the war-torn galaxy of Arix , to the magical realm of Corridan, there is something for everyone in these stories.

The character biographies will give you an insight into who all of the major characters are, what motivates them, and how they interact with the other characters in the story. The maps will help you to get your bearings in each of the different lands, and the magic system section will explain how all of the different forms of magic work in these stories.

I hope that this guide will be of use to you as you journey through these wonderful worlds. You will find that there are many different lands and cities in Wendy May's stories. Each one is unique and has its own customs and traditions. Here is a brief guide to some of the most notable ones:

picture of a snow clad and cloudy mountain range and castle, in the style of realistic color palette, dark cyan and cyan
Fenrir Castle, home of the Storm Wolves


"Zaloria, a magical land of wonder where extraordinary things can happen. All are welcome to come to dwell in the land beyond the mists.” - Ranulfo, The Wolf King

The wind blows through the trees, caressing the leaves with a feather-light touch. The sweet scent of wildflowers and blooming trees. The fresh aroma of ripe berries and apples. The crisp, clean smell of the evening dew on the grass. The entire land smells like wildflowers and fresh grass. The scent is intoxicating and invigorating. There are no signs of pollution or decay anywhere to be found.

The lake glistens as the sun shines on it. When the wind blows, the water ripples, creating a light show of specks of blue, gold, white, and green.

Gorgeous, pristine, untouched. Green, lush, vibrant colors. Birds flutter overhead and you can hear the bells on their legs as they land on a tree branch. There isn't a building in sight and you can see wild rabbits and deer playing across the fields.

The plains of Zaloria stretch as far as the eye can see, but you can never catch a glimpse of the edge of the world.
a vast forest with twisting trees, fireflies, lively landscape,
A dense forest outside the skirts of Corridan


Based in the mystical world of Corridan. Stories that hail from the realm of  Gendrenor during the Fourth Age of Man. Humanity has finally begun to claim the overworld from the mystical denizens of the realm. It is an age of wars and wizardry, of men and monsters, where the impossible is made possible and dreams transform reality. An era where only the strong and brave will survive.

A futuristic robotic mecha piloted by a human inside is patrolling within a cyberpunk city with vibrant lights and colors
A Juggernaut battle armor on patrol


In the year 3930 humanity is divided into individual clans to seek new lands and conquer the vast expanse of cold, dark space. Each clan is comprised of the best warriors that pride themselves in establishing firm footholds on Earth-like planets in another solar system or waging all out brutal war to fully crush their enemies beneath their feet. While some clans seek to preserve the peace found on their new homelands others revel in causing strife in a gamble to usurp precious resources from their rivals.

A non-terraformed alien planet, luminous plants, lively landscape
A non-terraformed planet


Solar System Arix had been colonized in various parts long ago in the era of the first space exploration. However, not all planets have been terraformed. One planet that has been inhabited for centuries is Planet Zolzix home to the Zolzixian elemental aliens. Once a desolate landscape it now flourishes with life.  The sky glows with pink and orange as the sun sets in a sea of velvet, red clouds. A flock of multicolored birds fly across the horizon with their wings shaped like flowers in motion. The grass does not have the same texture as it does on Earth—it is thick yet soft like velvet. Sentient beings on Zolzix are capable of casting elemental magic once their fated mate is found. 

There are many other wonderful places to explore in Wendy May's stories. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading today!


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