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Postponed: Legends From the Castle

A very long time ago I set my sights on a fantasy adventure story about a kingdom besieged by a growing darkness that turned anything it touched into purple crystal. There were two heroes, a male and woman, that would come together to fight against the evil in the land. But---

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Character Art: Skoll Darkstorm

With the Best of Intentions 
Tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome. Skoll Darkstorm is a Varul of mysteries with an unknown past. He first appears as friendly individual in Feral Hearts but eventually it's revealed he has a far more sinister plan in mind for the lead characters.

Today I learned I'm a Dark Fantasy Author

Have you ever wandered about life thinking that you don't belong? For the longest time, I've been feeling the same way. Until today...

Testing out Daz 3D for Author Covers

Currently in the author world there are two super hot topics: Daz3D and Academy Covers. Before it was rainbow overlays and Angels. Themes like these come and go as quick as they first appear. However, Daz3D renders won't be one of those quick to die fads. Here's why...

A Glimpse of the Night Eater

Early Concept in Progress of the Night Eater

I've been quietly tidying up loose ends up on my series. Who knew the characters would skip off the pages of my outline to seek adventures of their own? Okay, okay. Apparently I'm awful at keeping clear of distractions (*I'm looking at you, Poshmark!*) and ended up writing various scenarios for upcoming chapters.

Chronicles of Zaloria: Book Two will debut very soon. I'm aiming for a release in April or May 2019. In fact, I'm already drawing up various book cover concepts. The problem with being a working student is not having the means to hire a professional book cover artist. One day I will eagerly hire someone to re-brand my series.

Until then, readers are stuck with me. Honestly, that's not so bad. Maybe...

ThredUp DIY Denim Unboxing

Thred-Up Denim Box Review

After seeing a ton of unboxings for the Thred-UP DIY Denim Box I decided to try it out on my own. I absolutely love opening up mystery boxes so this was already on my To-Do list. I ordered mine in late January and it arrived a few days ago. Read on to see what I got!

Debut of the Lightning Fish

I'm not sure what type of caffeine concoction I was drinking the day I put this photomanip together but it was certainly potent. It started off from following a tutorial to outright disregarding the tutorial (because the creator never seems to actually teach how to create an effect).