Woes of an Indie Writer

                 The path to self-publication continues
    Sounds pretty ominous right? Fortunately, it's not entirely. Rather, I'd like to say that I've found the path to indie publishing an educational one. All of the non-fiction books that talk about how easy it is to jump into self-publishing seem to neglect the gritty details about the entire process. I'll be quite honest. Any book that tries to sell you the idea that entering into the self-publishing world is an easy road to a 10K income on the first try is talking out of their arse. Sure there are the lucky few that manage to grab success right out of the gate but for the rest of us we do need to work hard to get recognized.

    This brings me to my own struggles. I've learned that the cover, the book blurb, keywords, and even the title are tremendous hurdles an indie writer has to learn to overcome. All of those various elements that can sink or sail a novel before even getting into the meat of the story itself. Oddly enough, there can also be other factors to consider as well such as formatting and marketing. Oh my, the marketing of your book can be one heck of a ride. I honestly believe that's a beast of a hurdle to confront when you're first starting out without any means to your name. Speaking of which, that's another factor to consider when self-publishing; author's brand.  And there's even more.

    Which is why it's been an uphill battle with my first ghost romance short story. The covers have gone through multiple changes. The book title is now up in the air as I find myself shaking my head at the title, 'Dark Rider'. What was I thinking? Who knows. I blame longs nights with zero sleep. I've also changed the book blurb to create a better hook or entice a reader in the hope they will take a chance to pick up the short story. Currently I am facing a very picky reviewer on Amazon that is trying to tell me that simply changing my book title and book cover is equal to uploading an entirely new book. Seriously? I did revise the formatting then overhauled the story from a cheap penny dreadful story to a more romantic one. These small changes do not warrant it being published as a different story. Therefore I am fighting on a new front there.

    Hopefully soon I'll be able to move on from this first adventure to my second one. I fully intend on venturing out beyond flash fiction into the novel battlefield. My action romance novel, Moonrise(title subject to change) is nearly ready to debut to the world. Thankfully I'll have a bit of experience to help ease the transition.

Happy reading,
-Wendy May

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