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A peek at my fantasy office. No, really! There's a delightful misconception in the literary world, a near-legendary tale that authors are fueled purely by coffee—cup after cup of that intoxicating brew, our muse for every page turned and every tale spun. But here's a little secret from my corner of the fantasy realm: while most authors are downing espressos and lattes, I'm sipping on apple cider. Yes, you read that right. Sparkling apple juice is my potion of choice, the golden elixir that fuels my tales of enchanting worlds and passionate shifters.

Danielle Steel's The Right Time Book Review

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It's a man's world out there but Alexandra Winslow is determined to prove otherwise. Her young life is beset in tragedy but it only serves to push her forward. Set in a somewhat contemporary time this is a story of how a young girl overcomes the challenges life sets before her and keeps on moving forward. Read on to see if  'The Right Time' is the novel for you...

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The Right Time - A tale of empowerment with a dash of romance.

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We meet Alexandra Winslow as a young girl. Her home life is nearly perfect save for one aspect; her mother is neglectful. And I mean, awfully neglectful as this prissy woman barely acknowledges the little girl she brought into the world. Luckily, Alexandra's father is far more responsible and loves his daughter without measure.

Despite the lack of love from her mother, Alexandra still tries hard to please her mother(whom is stuck in some kind of mid-life crisis stage). One day, her mother abandons her and leaves Alexandra with a distraught father.  I won't ruin what happens but things don't get much better from there. Regardless, she finds solace reading crime thriller books. Eventually that leads to a yearning life's goal to write her own stories.

Alexandra's life is a roller coaster of ups and downs

As Alexandra grows up into a young woman she experiences life and dives deep into her writing career under a male's pen name. This is because her father once explained that 'crime thriller' writers are only taken seriously as males. She takes that advice to heart and sets on a path to become a world famous author by the name, Alexander Green. Luck is on her side again, she's extremely talented.

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Her writing talent is so great she lands a seasoned agent and book deals that allow her to live a very comfortable life. Though it is a double life and Alexandra soon discovers that in the writing world the females are often seen as 'fluff' writers that can only churn out dribble compared to their male counterparts. And poor Alexandra can't exactly tell these arrogant S.O.B's that she's the ultra famous crime writer, Alexander Green because it's a huge secret that would affect her career if discovered.

Eventually that secret comes into play later on but I'll leave the details out. Let's instead talk about the small portion of love aspects that come into Alexandra's life. I'm not sure what Danielle Steel spiked her wine with but it must have been a touch of 'anti-male' additive. Nearly each and every male that Alexandra meets is a painfully arrogant, whiny, dicklord. Yes my friends. I just said, 'dicklord'. I'm not sure if that's a word or not but there it is in the wide open nonetheless.

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What is interesting is that most of the males are also individuals that wish to write their own books. They make up plenty of excuses to not write and that grates on Alexandra's nerves a great deal. She knows what it's like to struggle and still get that story done within deadline. Basically, she has no love for poser novelists. Now the 'Right Time' does have a love story in there toward the end but it also comes with a terrible price.

So is the Right Time the contemporary novel for you? That depends on if you like a casual read that takes the reader on a roller coaster of feels that may or may not pan out with a happy ending. You see, the ending is dependent on how each reader perceives the overall outcome of Alexander's life.  If I were to give this novel a rating it would be a 3.5 out of 5.

The Right Time Book Details:

Originally published: August 29th 2017
Author: Danielle Steel
Pages: 429

The Right Time Book blurb: 

Her secret life as the mysterious and brilliantly successful Alexander Green—and her own life as a talented young woman—expose her to the envious, the arrogant, and Hollywood players who have no idea who she really is. Always, the right time to open up seems just out of reach, and would cost her dearly. Once her double life and fame are established, the price of the truth is always too high.

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