A Glimpse of the Night Eater

Early Concept in Progress of the Night Eater

Female with intense stare and pink hair watches you
Base Stock Model photo is from Unsplash

I've been quietly tidying up loose ends up on my series. Who knew the characters would skip off the pages of my outline to seek adventures of their own? Okay, okay. Apparently I'm awful at keeping clear of distractions (*I'm looking at you, Poshmark!*) and ended up writing various scenarios for upcoming chapters.

Chronicles of Zaloria: Book Two will debut very soon. I'm aiming for a release in April or May 2019. In fact, I'm already drawing up various book cover concepts. The problem with being a working student is not having the means to hire a professional book cover artist. One day I will eagerly hire someone to re-brand my series.

Until then, readers are stuck with me. Honestly, that's not so bad. Maybe...

So who is she? Well, I can't exactly go into detail without spoiling a great deal of matters. What I can say is that the Night Eater plays an important part through-out the story. From the first novel we know that she's not exactly a good person and causes a great war to erupt across all of Zaloria.

Superhero Fantasy, Wendy May, Brunette female with sugar-skull makeup
Stock Model from Unspash.com The Night Eater is Copyright to Wendy May
Now I'm going to shift your attention to the photo-manipulation or photo composite. This is an early concept as the Night Eater is inspired from various Mexican Folktales and mythology. She's quite old and far more sinister.

She has to be cold and cruel. I did mention the 'not so good of a person' part! For now, I'm content at how she appears though I will re-paint her sugar-skull makeup with more detail. Most likely I'll also add a darker magic within her hands and an amulet around her neckline.

Oops, I've rambled long enough. Time to go back to writing. Deadlines are a killer sometimes.

Happy Reading,
Wendy May