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Hello all, I'm still here. Mostly! It’s been a year since my last update, and I’ve been on a wild ride of self-reflection and personal growth. Want the inside scoop? I’ll be dishing out insights, updates, and let you know what’s coming up for the Bound by Pride series. Don’t miss out! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Let’s hang out and discover new things together!

Today I learned I'm a Paranormal Fantasy Romance Author

Photo by Cederic X on Unsplash

Have you ever wandered about life thinking that you don't belong? For the longest time, I've been feeling the same way. Until today...

Update on 11/14/2020:

I was wrong. This is the problem with not knowing exactly what you're doing when you first start out on the path of indie publishing. No one holds your hand. If you make a mistake then you have to truly start over. Honestly, its been hard. Then again, I never once thought it wouldn't be.

So! What have I learned? No matter what I write it revolves around action adventure and romantic elements. Sure there are other elements such as characters destined to be legends, some heavy family & life themes, and sexy times. Lots of fighting or battles; though I've toned it down quite a bit. 

Still at the end of it all. I'm at the heart a romantic. I suppose because I've always been old-fashioned and dreamed of one day being swept off my feet by a heroic figure. Well, at least I do know that I'm not capable of full romance stories nor can I write erotica worth a damn. Those are best left to the experts. But if you ever decide to read one of my stories - I hope that you don't mind if the characters find a match whether as a friend or as a life-mate.

Happy reading!

***Original Old Post here***

When I started writing I always thought my stories were different(not in a good way) because they didn't necessarily fit into a broad genre like Romance or Science Fiction.

Instead, I found that my stories have been a mix of several elements. Some had love stories, others had science fiction in it, or even ant aspects. Recently, I've discovered that my novels do fit into a category after all: dark fantasy.

They incorporate horror, supernatural, and sword & sorcery. My main, and side characters are not completely 'good' while my interesting villains are more antagonistic then sheer evil. Some things I write have dark themes such as death, PTSD, emotional abuse, and I like to write monstrous fights.

I'll be honest, I've toned down quite a bit of my writing because I feared those parts didn't fit where I had them categorized on Amazon. And lately, with the completion of my Chronicles in Zaloria novels I've wondered where to put the third novel as it didn't quite fit in romance or in the superhero section. In fact, it's rather depressing in some parts.

It's also dark and brooding. There is always hope in my stories despite that darkness. I love that characters can struggle against the most terrifying beings but always grasp onto a shred of hope no matter the odds. So that will always be present in some form or another. But I also like writing bits of horror and not shying away from killing off characters.

So finding this out has freed me. It feels good to finally belong. And I can't wait for readers to find out how much it releases my self-doubt as I continue sharing my stories. I hope to see you too. Come, join me on an epic adventure and read along!

- Wendy May