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Character Art: Skoll Darkstorm

With the Best of Intentions 

Dark Fantasy Romance, Rugged male in a trench coat walks away into the foreground
Skoll Darkstorm

Tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome. Skoll Darkstorm is a Varul of mysteries with an unknown past. He first appears as friendly individual in Feral Hearts but eventually it's revealed he has a far more sinister plan in mind for the lead characters.

The Dark Beast

With a title such as the 'Dark Beast' you'd think I was playing around with certain religious themes. I'll be upfront and state otherwise: No, I didn't create him with that kind of interest in mind. Though I dip into light metaphysical spirituality, that's all there is to it. His title comes from simply being the first of his kind in the realm of Zaloria. I won't go into detailed spoilers but Skoll and Filtiarn are Varul that are feared for rather different reasons as to what I first hinted at in the first novel.

While searching You-tube for background music (It helps focus my thoughts while writing) I came across the new Terminator movie. It featured a cover song that absolutely floored me. Simplistic but deep, it made me think: 'Now that's a good theme song for Skoll.' If you'd like to listen to it, click on the You-tube video below:

RIAYA ft. John Mark McMillan - Hunter ("Terminator: Dark Fate" Cover)

There was a plan in mind at first...

Dark Fantasy Romance Book, Rugged male wearing a black hat is smoking from a pipe
This was rendered by me in Daz3D. Finished in 10 hours sans post-work.

When I first started writing Skoll's character I had a distinct direction in mind for him. He was partially inspired by the mythological siblings, Skoll and Hati. He was supposed to harbor two versions within his spirit. The timid and kind part in contrast to the chaotic and violent part. At one point, he was going to split apart. But then I thought that was all too cliché (Even for me, ha.) and so I let him take me to where he stands now.

In my second novel, Savage Hearts (Debuting this month) readers will be able to see a ton more of him. Skoll, alike Fang, has a rather 'vibrant' personality. If I allowed him, he'd take over the entire novel if I didn't bring him to heel.

What I'm Currently Working On

I'm half-way done with the final novel in the series. I would be finished but there are multiple endings that I've been toying with on paper. From there, I'm working on the outlines for Ranulfo and Lucalia's stand-alone novels. They're both heavy in theme and I felt they would be better savored for last.

In-between I've been working on multiple projects: A Specter's View (Working title, Space Opera), & Fire and Steel (Sword & Sorcery Dark Fantasy). There are two novelettes nearly finished - Dusk into Dawn (Paranormal Fantasy) and Here Without You (Dark Fantasy Romance).

An author's work is never done.

Happy Reading,
Wendy May


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