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Current state of Novel Outlines & Rough Drafts

Well met,

I thought it would be interesting to make a data graph showing the progress of my novels whether in outline or rough draft form. I tried finding a percentage bar generator but those require the use of an actual website platform and not a blog site.

One day I'll get a Word-press site of my own. One day.

Until then, here's a breakdown of what I'm up to and how I'm plotting along. See what I did there? Yep, I caught that roll of your eyes. I know, I know, that was terrible and bad. I'm rightly ashamed. (*Winks an eye*) This is why I'm an indie author and not a comedian. Ha!

Multi-genre Novels in Progress

Fantasy Novel Progress Bars
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Here's a colorful graph showing the titles and percentage in bar form. Flash of Steel and Heart of Steel are currently in their final rough draft forms. The rest are being outlined from top to bottom or are in their first state of rough draft.

Fantasy Novel Progress Bars, Percentage Bars for a Novel
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This graph shows the numbers in an easier form. The numbers look a bit low don't they? I can honestly write out a 50K novel in half a month(*Much to my husband's displeasure*) but I've found that I tend to get ahead of myself and release the novels way too early. This year, I'm taking my time to comb through the rough drafts. Which means it'll be about three months per book pending editor reviews and book cover designers completion.

I'm also contemplating holding onto those finished novels until I've fully completed the series. And then I'll release each book in the series two weeks after the other.

My eye is upon bulking up the story to Flash of Steel. It's due for a new cover in two weeks and I want to update it. Afterwards, I'll finish up Heart of Steel and move onto the sequel for Feral Hearts. I've been wanting to finish that series for quite a while. Acalia, Filtiarn, and Markus deserve their love story to be shared with others.

Be safe out there, and Happy Reading!
- Wendy May