Fantasy Romance: Savage Hearts Novel Snippets

When it comes to romance a heart can be fickle but at the end there must always be a happily ever after. Stick anything else in it and a reader will fling your book out the window. Yet in a love story, a couple may never reach a happily ever after. They might face a terrible tragedy or not end up together at all.

Knowing that I don't actually write straight romance a few of my readers have asked me, "Who will Acalia end up with?"

Markus and Acalia, friends or ...?

Savage Hearts: Markus and Acalia
Who will Acalia choose in the end?

I didn't have a chance to explore Markus and Acalia's relationship in Feral Hearts due to how the novel was rewritten. Actually, even in the first draft I hinted that there was something there but I didn't go into detail about what it was exactly.

In the second novel that starts to change tremendously. I can't spoil anything but Markus is now aware that Acalia has regained a good portion of her memories back. He's also in a better position as the new Banehound Clan Lord to pursue her as his Luna if he wanted.

There's also the mystery revolving around why Filtiarn, Markus, and Acalia suddenly stopped talking to each other long before Acalia's mother sealed Acalia's memory.That'll also be brought up in the second story. Of course, there's the subplots going on at the same time and let's not forget that Filtiarn isn't about to let anyone(especially Markus) go near his soon-to-be Luna.

In light of that, here's some novel snippets from the first draft of Savage Hearts. These may or may not make it into the final draft. Either way, I hope you enjoy them!

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Markus and Acalia: Snippet 1

 "Well met," Markus said, pulling her tightly against his body.

Her eyes narrowed. "Your hands are on my hips."

"So they are," he marveled in mock surprise.

Markus and Acalia: Snippet 2

"Was it really waiting, Acalia? When he had no idea that your memories were sealed away? Filtiarn immediately assumed you betrayed his trust. He blindly went on with his life thinking you'd shunned him."

"Hold your tongue or you'll anger me." Her eyes closed momentarily as she silently prayed to the Ancients for patience. "Markus, I know that you jest but these confusing antics of yours are beginning to irritate me."

"That's not my intention," he replied. "I'm only trying to point out that Filtiarn continually hurts you."

"As of late, we've been hurting each other," she admitted.

"Some things aren't meant to be."

"As we aren't," Acalia implied, hoping he would understand her point of view. She needed to halt his misplaced humor before it caused a misunderstanding between them all.

Markus brushed her cheek with the back of his hand. "We'll see, if that's true enough," he said huskily.

Markus and Acalia: Snippet 3

“Dammit,” Markus said, grabbing her by the shoulders. “I was at a loss on how to lend my aid.” He fiercely embraced her. “How am I supposed to protect you if I can’t find your enemy?”

“Protect me?” Acalia asked incredulously. “I’m flattered but there’s no need.”

He leaned close to her, his breath nearly upon her own. “Why won't you take my intentions more seriously?”

She glanced away as his eyes bore into her own. Markus sought an answer she could never hope to give. “I should leave.”

And here's a bit of teaser when Markus reunites with Filtiarn:

"Give up your claim to Acalia. I'll take her for my own." Markus's hazel eyes brimmed with malice. The sky rumbled as Filtiarn visibly bristled with fury. "I'll mount her far better than you ever could hope, you shitty excuse for an Alpha."

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