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Hello all, I'm still here. Mostly! It’s been a year since my last update, and I’ve been on a wild ride of self-reflection and personal growth. Want the inside scoop? I’ll be dishing out insights, updates, and let you know what’s coming up for the Bound by Pride series. Don’t miss out! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support. Let’s hang out and discover new things together!

Latinas Reign in My New Fantasy Romance Series

 A Fantasy Romance Latina author: Novels with Color

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Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted to read novelas de fantasía (fantasy novels) with strong Latina females as the main characters. There are so many out there but not enough. I don't think I've read too many in mainstream publishing. What can a small-time author do but write her own story to add to the growing voice of autora's (female authors) that also wish to see more representation of their beautiful culture in fantastical lands of magic realism.

I thought a lot about where I'm going with my author's platform and what kind of brand I want to showcase to the world. There's always been one thing I've kept in mind and that's writing female leads of Latina descent. Whether these women are living in a contemporary reality or a magical one--- I want to always see my book covers depicting them at the forefront. 

And that's what I've done without fully realizing it from Dusk into Light(Yes, Katrina is Latina), Realm Clashes, and even Song of the Wind (The realm of Zaloria is a mesh of Mexican and Irish folklore).

The OF STEEL series will follow several women of various fantasy races but they're all Latina in origin whether an elf, fae, or a mortal born in a magical realm. It'll have six full novels in total with beautiful professionally done book covers by Covers by Juan. Each book will have its own storyline and HEA that must be earned. Overall, is a long extending plot that will weave and bind all novels together in a grand finale.

Flash of Steel: Book One

Fantasy Romance, Latina Author,  A book hovers upon a lovely beach with rolling waves in the background
Flash of Steel debuts in 2023

This is a fantasy romance story following Chantico Estelle, a human sword-maiden of the Silver Order. The Silver Order is dedicated to stamping out the corruption left in the land by a powerful black dragon. Its packed with deep emotion, instalove, action & adventure, as well as themes that revolve around learning to love yourself, overcoming fears, and accepting that there's more to life than only the bad things that happen in it.

Novel Snippet from Flash of Steel. 

Copyright © 2010 by Wendy May. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

A jolt of pain stabbed within her head. Chantico cursed under her breath. Another daydream rose to overtake her senses. She clutched her head, shaking it hard to free herself of the invasive thoughts. 

“We can pause our jaunt for as long as you need to rest.”

He must have heard her exhaled breath of air. “I’ve endured far worse,” she reminded him gently.

Kaolin grunted. “Doesn’t mean you need to when there’s a rare chance for a bit of respite.”

“Once we reach Tarine I’ll not complain if we seek a room for the night.” She rested her forehead against his shoulder. They left when the sun rose high and the sky was clear. Eventide was nearly upon them and in truth she was beyond tired.

The rushed journey to Tarine from Mt. Genrik was grueling but it’d been worth the effort. There was news from other weary travelers that aggressive griffons made their winter nests in the central mountains. They’d managed to avoid encountering the vicious beasts, but other travelers weren’t as lucky.

“First we’ll find a healer.”

A loud groan nearly escaped her lips. This dwarf was beyond stubborn. They’d already bickered over the necessity of finding a healer. She’d thought he understood there wasn’t a need for one. “My wounds are light. I can tend to the gashes after I’ve regained my strength. Food and sleep can do wonders for an exhausted adventurer.”

“While a decent healer can also mend your weary spirit.”

“By my goddess, you’re infuriating.”

Kaolin chuckled lightly. “Lass, if you’ve barely discovered that side of me then you’ve not been paying attention these past few days.”

A smile touched her lips. “I’ll allow it considering how exasperating I’ve been since we’ve met.”

“Allow it, eh?” She nodded against his shoulder. “Ah, what a shame. I’ve gone and fallen for a controlling woman.” His voice was teasing and full of dramatic flair. “Next she’ll tell me to eat disgusting soggy greens for supper and not place my boots near the hearth.”

She leaned forward to playfully lick his earlobe. He nearly lost his grip on the reins. “Cripes, be mindful of your sultry ways. A man can forget himself in an instant.”

“Only if his distracted mind was elsewhere in the first place.”

“Can’t help it, there’s a beautiful woman with a bountiful chest clutching me tightly from behind. All rational thought took flight long ago.”

Avalanche exhaled a deep breath. Kaolin sharply peered down at him. “Don’t think for a moment I didn’t catch that sarcastic sting.”

“What did he say?”

“That it shouldn’t matter because I was never the sensible type in the first place.” A deep rumble came from Avalanche as Chantico muffled her laughter. Kaolin muttered, “Damn mangy ball of fluff.”

Check back this November to add Flash of Steel to your TBR list!


Heart of Steel: Book Two

Fantasy Romance, Instalove Novel, A book sits on a sandy beach with rolling waves in the background.
Heart of Steel debuts January 2023

The second in series follows Miria Faranae, an elf crusader who founded the Silver Order of sword-maidens. She's lived for many ages yet looks as young as a twenty-year old. Packed with character development that I love to write about it features themes revolving around the strength of a family's love, aging, discovering one's worth, and of course; instalove.

Novel Snippet from Heart of Steel. 

Copyright © 2010 by Wendy May. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

“I’m seeking a specialized tracker named Vorgan Darkscale. I was told that he could be found here.”

“Ask a question but first pay tribute.” The elder held his hand toward her as if expecting alms.

Miria faintly smiled, placing a small sack of gold coins into his awaiting palm. These savages were beginning to grate on the edge of her patience.

“Is Vorgan here?” she amended.

“Toward the back, watch the breock,” the elder orc warned as he pocketed the gold sack into his chest pouch. “That deadly creature will kill you the moment you least expect it.”

She briefly nodded, turned and abruptly came face to chest with the drunken orc from a few moments ago.

He attempted to grab her, but she gracefully slipped away.

Pushy, perverted, disorganized…

Miria walked to the back of the tavern. She set her hands upon her hips as she glanced about. This side of the tavern was unusually empty. There were plenty of open tables and space here while the front seemed dreadfully crowded.

A lone orc dressed sat alone at a wooden booth.

As she approached the male, Miria noted that he sat upright while the other orcs sat hunched over. He was also dressed in dark gray armor that resembled the scales of an ash dragon.  A wide brimmed fedora covered his head, and she could see four long braids draped over his chest.

He wasn’t alone.

A great arachnid creature with lobster claws, and an elongated, segmented tail stood near the table. It watched her every movement, its tail curved in a C-shape, posed high in the air.

Miria cautiously glanced at the creature. Its outer layer was gloss black and it had red markings across its body. She looked at the orc whose fedora hid his face, but she could see he had a grizzled strong jaw, and small jutting tusks. She took a steady breath and decided on how to approach them.

Miria paused before the breock and performed a deep curtsy her race often displayed before the eldest nobles.

“Hail and well met, great one.” She looked at the breock in the eyes, black and luminous, but it held a sentient gaze. “I come seeking audience with your pet.”

That got the orc’s attention, his head snapped up and she caught a smoldering gaze of deep violet.

Miria paid him no heed, her attention returned to the breock. “May I join your company for a while?”

The breock stared at her keenly. It abruptly uttered a series of complex clicks and chittering noises. The arachnid maneuvered itself to the side, allowing Miria to pull a chair out at the table to sit down.

“Your kindness is appreciative,” she said with all honesty. Miria swept her glance to the orc who glared at her in disdain. “Why, it’s a fine day isn’t it? Vorgan Darkscale, I’ve come seeking your skills.”

He grunted, a low and feral sound. Vorgan glared at his companion. “A fancy compliment is all it takes to soften the sting of your venom?”

The breock’s tail waved in the air as it chittered sharply.

“Arrogant ass.”

Miria stifled a smile. This orc and his breock were quite a pair. In truth, she found their company, as brief as it was, rather refreshing when compared to the other patrons.  Especially when equated to the drunken orc who couldn’t seem to leave her alone.

“I’m called—” she started and was interrupted.

Annoying woman,” Vorgan said coldly.

Miria stared at him. “I’m certain that’s not my name.”

Check back in January 2023 to add Flash of Steel to your TBR list!

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