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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've updated this blog. First, I'll apologize for the lack of updates here but real life caught up to me in the worst kind of way. I'll simply say, 'Eff Cancer' and leave it at that. And no, I don't have it but someone I dearly loved did and that's all I'll write about it.

So, What's Going On, Author Wendy May?

Heads up there are affiliate links in this post at no cost to you! Anyway, good books are all that matter in your life so here's what I've been up to lately: 

The Zolzix Brothers Trilogy

I've spent a while hunting down a new book cover artist for this set and finally I found them. Now I have two beautiful covers to make print versions for them. I'm also thinking about hardcovers that will differ from the softcover print.

Alien Romance, SciFiAlienWarriorBook-Alien embracing a blonde woman in outer space
The New Cover for Alien Desire

Christmas Wishes is now Alien Wishes. Marissa's story has been rewritten. Due to depression I went too dark on her character and decided that wasn't fair to you all. And so, I've given her a spine and a better introduction as a heroine. I also took out quite a bit of the darker themes.

Though I'm quite capable of dark romance I love writing fun stories more. I'll be uploading the new version of her story: Alien Desire in March/April including a print version.

 Alien Passion will be Sofia's story. She's the quiet and sweet character that has never had a sexual encounter. And Xan is the one who picked her so that'll be a real interesting one. A savvy reader once commented that Xan better earn her love.

 You betcha I'll put him through an emotional roller coaster to claim her heart! 

WomensFantasyNovel, RomanticFantasy-AuthorWendyMay, a symbolic cover of a silver crown embellished with flourishes in red
Feral Hearts is now Song of the Wind

Fantasy Romance: Feral Hearts with the Beastmen Wolf Clans 

 Acalia and her trials to become the Wind Dancer hasn't been forgotten. I've secured new book covers and will be in the process of uploading them alongside a print version. Feral Hearts will now be called: Song of the Wind and the sequel is called: Fate of the Storm. I hope to have the sequel rewritten this year as I already planned the pre-quel saga which goes into Lucalia's past when she was being courted by Garm. There is so much history to explore!  

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Bound by Pride


PNR RH Book, Brunette welding magic in one hand with wolves flanking her side against a pink and blue background with text overlaid on top
Why Choose When You Can Have Them All?

Being different shouldn't matter in this world. But it does. I've never wanted to be a wolf shifter. But I am. I'm also packing an arsenal of magic that my vampire enemies wish I didn't carry. At least there's one thing going my way. Now they're trying to hunt me down, but joke's on them. I'm not alone. This is a Steamy Sweet, Why Choose PNR Shifter Romance jam-packed with action and adventure!

Over the Knee

Attractive Intense Male looks at you with expectation, EroticRomance
A BDSM Anthology with various Steamy Dominants

Heat. Conquer. Claim. There's one waiting for you. Sexy as sin encounters that demand obedience and require total surrender. Whether you like Billionaires, Mafia Bosses, Aliens, Shifters, or Monsters, there's no one here but you and them. This delicious collection of all-new steamy short stories are sure to leave you breathless. You know who they are and open yourself to them. Don't Keep Your Dominant Waiting.



Fire and Steel



HeroicFantasyRomance, EpicFantasy, HighFantasy, Blonde muscular warrior stands beside a brunette beautiful woman
Heroic Fantasy Romance

A world long forgotten. An unsung hero seen only as a mongrel. A capricious woman entangled in shadow. Caught in an ancient war where only courage and true love guides them. Fire & Steel is a heroic fantasy for fans of the Forgotten Realms and LOTR. Slow-burn Romance with scores of sword and sorcery.


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That Time I Got Reincarnated as My Avatar


LitRPG Novel, Isekai Gamelit Novel, Blonde male holding a weapon and a shield is surrounded by dense jungle
Gamelit Isekai Fantasy Adventure

Rip. Tear. Repeat. Connor climbed the ranks of the professional gaming world, but his career came to a screeching halt when he had a fatal accident. Reincarnated into the fantasy realm he thought existed only in his favorite roleplaying game, Connor must help save his new world by becoming the Werewolf Protector he enjoyed playing in-game. With the help of a snarky game assistant, Connor and his friends have to level up fast to face each challenge that comes their way. 


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