Author Wendy May pondering what to write next Hi happy readers, Time certainly passes by quickly when your head is filled with dozens of novels itching to come out. I'm so excited that my latest book, Bound by Fate, is complete! It will be available for purchase on Amazon and o n Kindle Vella . If you haven't read the first two books in this series yet ( Bound by Pride and Bound by Night) then please do before reading BOUND BY FATE because there are some spoilers for those stories throughout the novel. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. My family went camping at our favorite lake near the mountains las t week, which was perfect timing since I was finishing up revisions on B ound by Fate. I' ve been busy getting ready for Halloween and Christmas ever since. The weather w here I'm currently staying at has been gorgeous, but it's also very hot outside. I'm hoping to get a few days off soon so we can go to an amusement park or something fun li

A LGBT+ Paranormal Urban Fantasy Web Serial

 Why Choose When You Can Have Them All?

Since I was a child, I’m something that can never be in vampire or fae land. I’m hunted by vampires on a daily basis and have to stay one step ahead of them. I’ve got to find my fated mates, or the paranormal world will come to an end. Could I find them before the vampires sent their unholy hordes to tear through the human world? Could we ensure the supernatural remained hidden from humanity? Or would all shifters suffer an undying fate that dooms us all...

LGBT PNR RH Book, A brunette holds magic in her hand, a blonde looks over her shoulder, and a black wolf looks to the sky
Why Choose Only One?

Blurb: Being different shouldn't matter in this world. But it does. I've never wanted to be a wolf shifter. But I am. I'm also packing an arsenal of magic that my vampire enemies wish I didn't carry. At least there's one thing going my way. Now they're trying to hunt me down, but joke's on them. I'm not alone. This is a Steamy Sweet, Why Choose PNR Shifter Romance where the heroine doesn't have to pick between her mates.

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