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A peek at my fantasy office. No, really! There's a delightful misconception in the literary world, a near-legendary tale that authors are fueled purely by coffee—cup after cup of that intoxicating brew, our muse for every page turned and every tale spun. But here's a little secret from my corner of the fantasy realm: while most authors are downing espressos and lattes, I'm sipping on apple cider. Yes, you read that right. Sparkling apple juice is my potion of choice, the golden elixir that fuels my tales of enchanting worlds and passionate shifters.

Author Notes: The Holidays are Here


Author Wendy May, a brunette young woman with a ponytail sits at a writing desk
Author Wendy May pondering what to write next

Hi happy readers,

Time certainly passes by quickly when your head is filled with dozens of novels itching to come out. I'm so excited that my latest book, Bound by Fate, is complete! It will be available for purchase on Amazon and on Kindle Vella. If you haven't read the first two books in this series yet (Bound by Pride and Bound by Night) then please do before reading BOUND BY FATE because there are some spoilers for those stories throughout the novel.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. My family went camping at our favorite lake near the mountains last week, which was perfect timing since I was finishing up revisions on Bound by Fate. I've been busy getting ready for Halloween and Christmas ever since. The weather where I'm currently staying at has been gorgeous, but it's also very hot outside. I'm hoping to get a few days off soon so we can go to an amusement park or something fun like that before the rainy season starts.

I have a lot planned for Bound by Blood, which is the final novel in the series, including an exclusive excerpt from another one of my books called: Wolf Reclaimed which will be a much darker reverse harem romance with a rejected mate, dark triggers, protective alphas, and a villainess protagonist hellbent on exacting revenge. You'll find out more about this book soon enough.

Next post will be about my pennames and their works in progress.

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on what's happening with me and my books. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day!

-Author Wendy May


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