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A peek at my fantasy office. No, really! There's a delightful misconception in the literary world, a near-legendary tale that authors are fueled purely by coffee—cup after cup of that intoxicating brew, our muse for every page turned and every tale spun. But here's a little secret from my corner of the fantasy realm: while most authors are downing espressos and lattes, I'm sipping on apple cider. Yes, you read that right. Sparkling apple juice is my potion of choice, the golden elixir that fuels my tales of enchanting worlds and passionate shifters.

Bound by Night a Why Choose Romance Debuts


Bound by Night, a Byronic male character with dark hair sits next to a black wolf with amber eyes
Need a Why Choose PNR romance?

Why choose one when I can have them all? Welcome a bisexual wolf witch's life. Where things aren't what they seem and supernatural foes hunt my pack and I down on a daily basis. 

Secrets unveiled. Desires unleashed.

When I wake trapped in a cage, my wolf stirs. I'm Maya, a Luna without her pack, abducted and betrayed. But I won't go down quietly. With help from the alluring Shuten, a cosmic entity with secrets, I'm determined to reunite with my unlikely pack - Sofia, a powerful fae, Cole, a fierce rabbit shifter, and Angelica, a protective bear.

Together, we uncover a supernatural conspiracy and a brewing war between factions. I must protect Donovan, the darkly magnetic alpha with an agenda of his own. He knows things about my past I can't remember. As the lies unravel, I'm forced to choose between serving a corrupted shifter king or reuniting with the packmates I've come to love.

With my freedom and fated mates both on the line, I'll risk it all to unveil the truth. Can I reclaim my pack and take down those who betrayed me? Or will I surrender to the darkness and lose myself forever?

Why Choose Romance, a brunette, a blonde, and an Asian male are standing before a cloudy sky on a moonlit night
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